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ON Semiconductor Introduces EcoSpin Series, Redefining BLDC Motor Control

게시됨 :2022. 10. 28. 오전 9:55:55


ecoSpin™ BLDC motor control solution with embedded gate driver and microcontroller engine for reliable operation up to 600 V with scalable power


October 28, 2022 - ON Semiconductor (ONSEMI, NASDAQ: ON), a leader in smart power and smart sensing technologies, has launched a new ecoSpin™ series of brushless DC ("BLDC") motor control device. ON Semiconductor simplifies the development of high-voltage motor control systems for applications such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, and robotics by integrating control and drive functions into a complete system-in-package (SiP).


The first device in the ecoSpin family is the ECS640A, a three-phase BLDC motor controller that operates reliably at high voltages up to 600 V. The small form factor ECS640A includes a reliable gate driver, Arm® Cortex-M0+ microcontroller, three sense amplifiers, three boost diodes, and supports sensored or sensorless motor control architectures.


Michel De Mey, vice president of ON Semiconductor's Industrial Solutions Division, said: "Using this highly integrated solution reduces time-to-market because it eliminates design cycles on the application and simplifies solution reuse when scaling BLDC motor power levels are required. This solution replaces Many larger, more complex devices have improved reliability while reducing the PCB routing area by about 20% compared to discrete solutions, making the overall solution small and compact.”


This solution integrated in a single IC package (10 x 13 mm), optimizes power stage layout and reduces noise, thereby redefining the control performance of BLDC motors. The solution can be quickly reused on other platforms by simply replacing the discrete power device and updating the software. Streamlining the bill of materials (BOM) simplifies the challenges associated with sourcing many different discrete components.


To optimize performance, the ECS640A supports traditional motor control techniques, including trapezoidal control and vector control. In addition, the internal Cortex M0 platform can also support more advanced direct flux linkage and torque control algorithms, which can improve the control of motor flux linkage and torque over a wide speed range, and the power efficiency can be improved by 3% to 5%.


The ECS640A brings a new level of ease of use to BLDC motor control with a compact system design and user-friendly tools to speed up the design process. ECS640A is available now, please contact ON Semiconductor sales support and authorized agents to purchase.